Frequently Asked Questions

We find that many of our clients have similar queries regarding our prefabricated concrete plunge pools.

Please read our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to contact us with any other queries you may have.

Why are Villa Plunge Pools and spas so strong and durable?

For a number of reasons.

The plunge pools are manufactured in strict quality controlled factory conditions and are poured using steel forms under constant vibration to eliminate concrete blisters, air bubbles and weak spots. Using high- strength 40MPa concrete this process ensures a watertight product and a superior finish.

Traditional concrete pools poured or shotcreted on-site typically only achieve concrete strength between 25-32 MPa, making the compressive strength of our pools significantly greater.

Additionally they are reinforced with steel full height graduated continuous tank mesh in a single overlap, eliminating numerous joins in the standard mesh sheets used in traditional pool construction.

What are the added advantages of purchasing a prefabricated concrete pool?

The pool is delivered to your home as a single piece ready to be craned into the prepared site. Installation time can be as little as three to four days, instead of two to three months with standard concrete pools, saving you months of tradespeople traipsing through your yard. 

For new house builds we are able to liaise with your builder or architect to ensure your pool is installed quickly and without fuss during the construction of your home. As all the messy work is done off site there are fewer delays, and interruption to construction of the house is avoided. Installing a Villa Plunge Pool prior to building your home will also save you money on sitework and crane costs. (contact us for more information)

If you choose to install your pool above ground, you can greatly reduce the amount of fencing required, providing significant savings. Provided the wall of the pool is 1.2 metres high it is considered a safe barrier, meaning fencing is only required for your entry steps.

By manufacturing the pools in a factory environment we are able to achieve excellent quality control of the finished product. We ensure that we rigorously comply with Australian Standards

Why are our pools easier and cheaper to maintain?

Plunge pools have a smaller volume of water, as a result your pump only needs to run for a short period of time to achieve sanitation.

If you choose to heat your pool to enjoy a longer season of swimming, a smaller volume of water also reduces the time your heat pump, gas heater or solar pump needs to run.

Cleaning your plunge pool takes as little as 5 minutes. Keeping nearby trees pruned, and your pool cover on when it's not in use, also helps to greatly reduce cleaning time.

Why fully tile the interior of my pool?

To get that architectural resort-style look complete mosaic tiling to the interior of your pool adds instant prestige and that luxury feel to your outdoor area. It allows you to express your creativity with a large choice of beautiful colours, that will ripple and shimmer in your finished Villa Plunge!

Completely tiling the interior of your pool enables easier cleaning of your plunge pool, and feels great underfoot. 

Prior to tiling your pool we clean, prime and waterproof the pool shell. Essential steps to providing a long lasting quality finish.

What factors are considered when we prepare your quote for a Villa Plunge Pool or Spa?

We love people, and we want to provide excellent customer service for all of our customers, and our aim is to ensure there are no hidden costs with our installations.

Question marks should be raised when pool companies are happy to quote you without also asking questions about your unique site.

Your final quote will include your completely finished pool, local government application fees, pump and filtration equipment, plumbing, tiling, bullnose capping, delivery, provisional sums for site works and crane hire, commissioning of the pool, handover kit and a personal handover instruction session. 

With below ground installations, please note the cost of site works may change if rocky ground is discovered, requiring additional hard digging costs.

What do I need to do before choosing my pool?

Decide where you would prefer to locate your pool, and check for any underground pipe work (storm water, sewer connections, power cables, gas lines, and soakwells). If unsure your council can provide you with information on the easements on your property, or we can assist you.

Be prepared to arrange for an electrician to provide power for your pool equipment. This should not be an expensive or difficult exercise for your electrician, it is worth first discussing your desired upgrades with us to decide how many power points are needed for your project.

Can Villa Plunge Pools supply all of my landscaping needs?

Our aim is to make your home a villa! 
Our highly organised team of professionals will meticulously project-manage your landscaping. In certain areas we choose to partner with reliable and professional local landscapers.

Our additional services include:

- fencing
- decking
- retaining walls

Some clients like to take a DIY approach with their new outdoor living area, or if you already have a favourite landscaper in mind we are more than happy to work with them.

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