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Perth WA's Installer of Prefabricated Plunge Pools

If you dream of having a luxurious and refreshing retreat right in your own backyard, Villa Plunge Pools Perth WA is here to make it a reality. As the authorized agent for leading Australian brands such as Plungie AustraliaAllcast PrecastPlunge Pools Direct, Polyworld, Shipping Container Pools, Ecotherm Pools and Villa Hottubs. We bring you the best in Australian Prefabricated pools. With a selection of over 30 stunning plunge pool designs to choose from, we have the perfect pool for every space and style.

Gone are the days when large backyard swimming pools were the only option. With the trend of smaller lot sizes, our compact Villa Plunge Pools offer a fantastic alternative. These pools are not only fast and cost-effective to heat, but they also extend the swimming season, allowing your family and friends to enjoy year-round fun and relaxation. We provide various filtration packages that make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, ensuring your pool is always pristine.

Whether you’re looking for an in-ground or above-ground installation, our prefabricated plunge pools are designed to meet your needs. They are ideal for reducing fencing costs and can be standalone or integrated into a stunning deck, adding an exquisite touch to your outdoor space.

The beauty of our prefabricated plunge pools lies in the ease of installation. Most of the construction work is done off-site, minimizing disruption to your property. In as little as two days, our expert team can have your pool installed and ready for you to enjoy. These pools are versatile and can fit in any space, making them perfect for landscapes with rocky ground or sloping sites.

While our main installations are in Perth and the South 

We understand that choosing a pool is a significant investment, and we are committed to making your pool journey a seamless and exciting experience. Let us work with you to bring your vision to life and create the perfect oasis for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today

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Love the final look at this Doubleview project, the white tiles and the water glistening in the sun is perfection 🤩
Landscape by @inex_pro_outdoor_living_

💧4m x 2.3m Aquarius Pool
💧Amalfi Crystal Tiles in 'Fiore'

Dreaming of warmer days by the pool....☁️☁️

Tiles pictured here are Ubud Green Wavy 23mm from @thepooltilecompany

Jaw on the floor with this one 😍
Absolutely stunning example of how you can turn an unused courtyard into something beautiful.
The Luna plunge pool at the centre of it all 🤩

💧Luna Circular 3.35m x 1.51m Plunge Pool
💧@amalfi_mosaics 25mm Crystal Glass Tile in ...'Como'

The Luna plunge pool at the centre of this backyard masterpiece🌴

💧3.35m Luna Circular Pool
💧Urban White Ashlar Tiles

Picture Perfect in Margaret River😍
There's always something special about these down south projects, what an amazing spot to enjoy a plunge!

💧3.5m x 1.63m Circular Pool
💧Seaspray 23mm Tiles
💧Light Grey Granite Coping

Plunge Pool Perfection 😍
This darker tile colour is a popular choice at the moment and we're loving it!

💧Pool: 4m x 2.3m 'Delta' by @plungepoolsdirect
💧Internal Tiling: Amalfi Como in 25mm

Installed by @wenlockconstructions

View this ...pool and more on our website https://villaplungepools.com.au/delta/

No better place to be during a heatwave 🥵
3.5m circular pool finished off beautifully in Margaret River 💦 @oslsouthwest

💧3.5m x 1.63m Pool
💧Seaspray Tiles
💧Light Grey Granite Coping

Plungie Max looking mighty fine 😍

Recently completed above ground installation in East Vic Park 👌🏽

With the reveal of pools and backyards this week on The Block we thought it's a timely reminder to West Aussies that we are an authorised reseller and installer for Plungie Australia here in WA.

If you were inspired by the pools on this year's season of The Block, get in touch ...and let us help bring your vision to life. 💦