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Who We Are?

Villa Plunge Pools is a registered business under Travis Mitchell Construction Pty Ltd, a construction company owned and operated by brothers Travis and Mitchell Green, along with their family. The journey of their construction business began in 2015 when they started operating from their garage in Mandurah, Western Australia.

In mid-2020, while their carpenter was busy constructing a pool deck, they were introduced to Villa Plunge Pools. They were immediately impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of the 2-day precast pool installation process. This introduction led Travis and Mitchell to purchase the company later in 2020, driven by their goal to offer high-quality, yet affordable pools, all backed by exceptional customer service.

Headquartered in Port Kennedy, Western Australia, Travis and Mitchell maintain a hands-on approach to their business operations. They are committed to providing a unique range of luxurious small pools that cater to the constraints of modern living, such as limited space, time constraints, and energy efficiency concerns.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Travis and Mitchell strive to offer a pool solution that exceeds expectations. Their dedication to innovation and their understanding of contemporary needs make Villa Plunge Pools a premier choice for those seeking a sophisticated and efficient pool experience.

The people, their skills, experience and passion

Travis Green

(Trav - Big Brother)

Our Builder

Introducing Travis Green: Our Esteemed Builder and Director at Villa Plunge Pools

Villa Perth Plunge Pools is proud to have Travis Green, affectionately known as Trav, as our dedicated Builder and Director. With an impressive construction career spanning over 17 years, Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. His unwavering attention to detail and commitment to excellence set him apart in the industry, ensuring exceptional results for our clients.
Travis began his journey as an apprentice bricklayer with ABN Group, steadily progressing and gaining valuable experience. In 2015, he took a leap of faith and established his own building company alongside his brother Mitch. Since then, his passion for building pools has flourished, and he strives to deliver nothing short of the very best for our clients.
As a registered builder, Travis’s skills and expertise are top-notch. He leads our team of tradespeople with enthusiasm, ensuring every aspect of your pool project is meticulously managed. From the initial design phase to the final touches, Travis’s dedication to perfection shines through.
With Travis Green at the helm, Villa Plunge Pools guarantees a seamless and exceptional experience. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to excellence ensure that your pool dreams will be brought to life with the utmost care and precision. Trust Travis and our team at Villa Plunge Pools to create your dream pool, exceeding your expectations at every step.

Mitchell Green

(Mitch – Bigger Brother)

Everything Construction

Introducing Mitchell Green: Our Dynamic Construction Expert at Villa  Plunge Pools

Mitchell Green, fondly referred to as Mitch, plays a pivotal role as our Director overseeing hands-on construction at Villa Plunge Pools. With an extensive background of 15 years in residential home and pool construction, Mitch is the go-to person to get the job done right. His expertise lies in demolition, earthworks, and rebuild, making him a powerhouse in the field.
When it comes to bringing your dream pool to life, Mitch is your dedicated partner on-site. His hands-on approach ensures meticulous attention to detail throughout the construction process. With his wealth of experience, he has the skills and knowledge to overcome any challenges that may arise, ensuring a smooth and successful project.
Beyond his construction prowess, Mitch has a passion for videography. When he’s not busy building your pool, you’ll find him behind the camera, capturing stunning footage. These captivating videos are then showcased on our social media channels, creating memorable content for our valued customers to enjoy.
With Mitchell Green leading the construction team at Villa Plunge Pools, you can trust that your project is in capable hands. His dedication, expertise, and creative flair ensure that your pool construction experience is exceptional from start to finish. Count on Mitch to turn your pool dreams into a reality, while capturing the magic on film along the way.

David Green

(Davo – The Old Man)

Sales and Site Visits

Introducing David Green: Our Sales and Site Visits Expert at Perth Plunge Pools

Meet David Green, affectionately known as Davo or “The Old Man” within our team. As a father figure to the boys, David brings an impressive 40 years of experience in sales and business management to Villa Plunge Pools. His deep understanding of customer service and knack for project management make him an invaluable asset to our team.
David’s passion for design is evident in his work. When you choose Villa Plunge Pools, he will personally conduct your site visit and assessment, meticulously evaluating your space and understanding your requirements. Leveraging his extensive experience, he will create tailored initial plans and concepts that align perfectly with your vision, ensuring a pool design that caters to your unique needs.
Exceptional communication is one of David’s greatest strengths. He goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the project is thoroughly explained and understood before entering into a building contract. With David by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will have a clear understanding of the process and receive a transparent estimate for your pool project.
David’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets him apart. He strives to exceed expectations, offering personalized service and guidance throughout the entire process. With his expertise and dedication, David ensures that every client receives the utmost care and attention.
Place your trust in David Green, our sales and site visits expert at Villa Plunge Pools, to guide you through the journey of creating your dream pool. With his wealth of experience, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence, your pool project will be a seamless and rewarding experience from start to finish.

Jessica Green

(Jess – Wifey to Trav)

Marketing Guru

Introducing Jessica Green: Our Marketing Guru and Customer Liaison at Villa Plunge Pools

Meet Jessica Green, affectionately known as Jess and also Wifey to Trav, our dedicated Marketing Guru at Villa Plunge Pools. With a passion for marketing, Jess takes charge of our social media platforms and serves as your go-to person for customer liaison. Her diverse background includes a Diploma in Accounting and experience working in accounts with a leading Perth builder.
Driven by her love for marketing, Jess recently completed a Social Media Marketing certificate. She brings her creative writing skills to the forefront, penning engaging content for our social media channels. Everything you see on our platforms is carefully crafted by Jess to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of our pool projects.
In addition to her marketing responsibilities, Jess shares the role of day-to-day customer follow-ups with Carol. With their combined efforts, no detail goes unnoticed, and exceptional customer service is at the forefront of their approach. Jess’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction.
While Jess’s professional achievements are remarkable, her greatest joy lies in being a wife to Trav and a mother to their two beautiful daughters. Balancing work and family life, Jess brings a nurturing and caring approach to her role, ensuring that each customer feels valued and supported throughout their pool journey.
Count on Jessica Green, our marketing guru and customer liaison, to provide personalized attention and expert guidance. Her passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence will enhance your experience with Villa Plunge Pools, ensuring that your pool project is nothing short of exceptional.

Carol Green

(Cazza – Mum to the Boys)

The Real Boss

Introducing Carol Green: The Backbone of Villa Plunge Pools and the Real Boss

Meet Carol Green, affectionately known as Cazza and lovingly referred to as Mum to the Boys. As the true backbone of Perth Plunge Pools, Carol keeps everyone in line while managing our accounts with utmost precision. With a long and successful career in bookkeeping, she brings invaluable expertise to our team.
Carol’s role is essential in ensuring the smooth operation of the business. She takes charge of managing contract payments and scheduling, ensuring that everything is handled seamlessly and efficiently. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in coordinating site visit appointments for her husband of 42 years, Davo (David Green).
When Carol isn’t busy keeping the business in order, you’ll find her dedicating time to her personal passions. She maintains her fitness by hitting the gym, staying active and energized. As a doting grandmother, Carol also cherishes the moments spent babysitting her five grandchildren, with more little ones on the way.
Carol’s dedication to both her family and the business is truly admirable. With her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills, she ensures that every aspect of Villa Plunge Pools runs smoothly. Her commitment to excellence and her nurturing nature make her an invaluable asset to our team.
Count on Carol Green, the real boss behind the scenes, to keep everything in check and provide exceptional support to our valued clients. With her expertise and dedication, your experience with Villa Plunge Pools will be seamless and enjoyable from start to finish

Derrick Arboil

(We call him Rick)

Our Drafty

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Ready to take a Splash ?

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