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Feel free to visit our premises at 15 Helmshore Way, Port Kennedy. We always have a range of pools in stock and on display from our pool partners
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Here we will happily explain the pool options that best suit your installation, and provide you with prices for our pools and likely installation costs

We prefer to complete your site works 1 – 2 days in advance of the installation of your new plunge pool. On site works day we arrive at 7.30 am and complete the site works usually finishing by 2pm. We will excavate, dispose of the soil and complete the base ( either blue metal fr concrete) that your pool “sits” Usually we are finished by 3pm. Sand removal is included in the price providing it is clean fill. On the day of install we will again arrive at 7.30 am to check the levels, before the crane arrives to lift your pool in around 10am. Once the pool has been placed into position we will complete the plumbing pre-lay and back fill the pool with remaining soil

We can then arrange a site inspection at your home, and confirm the estimate given, measure up pool location, check the machinery access and the future site works depending if fully or partly inground , or above ground and work out the cheapest way of craning your pool into position. Equipment location is decided on so you can prearrange any power point locations.

The next day the pool is fully plumbed to the equipment and filtration package and the pool will be filled. once the pool is filled with water, we will then complete the handover. It includes training on cleaning your pool, testing/balancing the water a “run down” of everything you need to know. You can then confidently look after your new pool and if ever you are in doubt we encourage you to ring us with any questions. We also balance the water for you and soon after this the pool is ready to be swim in – and then its time to get into your bathers and check out your new pool.

Villa Plunge Pools will then prepare a set of plans for the installation of your pool, and provide you a SPASWA contract (Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA) for your review. Once you have signed the contract, we will submit all relevant paperwork to your council and Watercorp via our building surveyors for their tick of approval and order your polo from our pool partner. Once we have approval – which is usually 2 – 3 weeks we tentatively schedule your siteworks for a time convenient to you, subject to the manufacture and delivery of your pool to our premises in Port Kennedy ready for install.

Fencing is required once the pool is filled over 300mm, so you need to arrange a temporary fence before you install your permanent pool fence if you intend to use the pool. Once the permanent pool fence is installed, we will complete a BA7 “Notice of Completion” form and send to your relevant council. This then “triggers” your pool inspection for compliance.

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today