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Plungie Pools FAQ

Plungie pools have manaufacturing plants in both Queensland and Victoria.

Due to the pools being precast in a mould, modifications such as increasing or decreasing the size is not possible.

Villa Plunge Pools will combine customer orders and transport to Perth via Road Train, transporting 5 – 6 pools at a time. We will choose the whether to transport your Plungie from Qld or Vic, based on the best freight option.

Plungie pools offer an ecofinsh pool which is a highly engineered powder coating interior back by a 10 year warranty. Plungie can also supply a raw concrete internal finish, this is a great option if you are looking to tile your whole pool. Plungie pools have a patented “cut out” for the steps that reduce the weight of the pool, and provide a unique entry point to the pool. All plumbing and filtration pipework is within the cut area, with 2/3rd of the pool. It is possible to install the pool equipment within the cut out, this acts as a sound insulation to the pool pump.

Due to the nature of precast concrete, the top edge of your Plungie is not an architectural finish.  There will be slight imperfections caused by the moulding process.  To maximise the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your Plungie we highly recommend the use of a coping tile.  This will not only improve the look but also help protect the concrete from wear and tear. Coping tiles can easily be added to the pool.

Yes, the Plungie can be tiled internally or externally. Plungie don’t offer tiling options directly however, we can supply your Plungie with no internal ecoFINISH at a reduced price, and arrange to tile it for you to make your Plungie unique.

Allcast Precast pools can be installed fully in ground, above ground or semi in ground. For all installations the base of the pool needs to be supported by a concrete slab.

If the pool is installed 1200mm above ground, you may be able to use some of the external pool wall as part of your pool fence. This will depend on where filtration plumbing and skimmer box is positioned, as these tend to be climbable. In most cases 2/3rds of the pool can be used as the pool barrier, with customers positioning the filtration plumbing and skimmer box under a pool deck.

Our pools are not designed to be weight – bearing. Direct fixing to the pool will avoid the manufacturers warranty.

A 10 year manufacturer’s structural warranty comes with every pool.

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today

Ready to take a Splash ?

Let Villa Plunge Pools install an

amazing plunge pool today